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technical assistance facility

The RIF Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) is established to provide technical assistance to the RIF’s investees to support business growth and impact targets. While the impact-linked loans deployed by the RIF addresses key financing challenges for such enterprises, enabling business expansion, product and service delivery, and job creation by tailoring financing terms to the local context and individual enterprises, the target enterprises for the RIF will often need business development services and advisory on how to maximize impact in refugee communities to make the best use of the financing provided through the RIF.


The TAF seeks to maximise the growth and social impact objectives of the RIF and each investment by making Refugee Impact Advisory (RIA) and Business Development Services (BDS) available and accessible to investees. It is designed to enable mentoring and advisory on refugee impact through DRC advisors and support joint DRC/investee engagement with refugee hosting communities and impact monitoring initiatives. In doing so it leverages DRC’s unique understanding and footprint in refugee hosting areas as well as its networks among supportive programming partners for the social impact and sustainable growth ambitions of investees and the RIF generally. Further, it builds on and partners with locally available BDS services in each focus country to link up investees with relevant services, so that investees can access the necessary business development services in the most locally relevant and cost effective way.


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