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The Refugee Investment Facility is looking for new members for its Board of Directors

  • Uganda hosts the fourth highest share of refugees in the world, with over 1.5 million people mainly from South Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Approximately 85% of the refugee populations are women and children.

  • Uganda has one of the most progressive approaches to hosting refugees, providing freedom of movement, rights to land and access to basic services.

  • However, refugee settlements are located in very remote areas and refugees struggle with access to basic needs and employment opportunities.

  • Thriving micro-economies exist within the settlements, and many refugees have started micro-businesses or engage in small-scale farming, but these need support to grow.

  • DRC presence since 1997: DRC | Uganda

country overview: JORDAN

  • Jordan hosts the second highest share of refugees compared to its population in the world.

  • The Syrian refugee influx has had a significant impact on Jordan’s socioeconomic conditions.

  • Unemployment among young Syrians is as high as 84%, and only 7% of Syrian women participate in the Jordanian labor market. 

  • Jordan has the fourth lowest rate of female participation in the labor force in the world.

  • Young Jordanians have limited access to meaningful employment, often working in informal economies unable to effectively harness talent.

  • DRC presence since 2003: DRC | Jordan

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